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Embossing presses

All embossing presses manufactured by us are CE-certified and can be operated with conventional 230 V electricity. They have a maintenance-free hydraulic power unit which is connected as a separate unit and works with a dual stage pump that runs extremely smoothly. Additional sound insulation for the hydraulics as well as organizational shelves with space for embossing tools and license plates blanks are optionally available.

hydraulischen Prägepressen für Autokennzeichen
Embossing presses 35t - 50t

Embossing press 35 t

The standard 35 t embossing press is ideal for the finishing of car license plates with one or two lines. With continuous embossing it can reach an embossing speed of 240 units per hour.

Embossing press 50 t

In combination with our counter embossing tool, the 50 t embossing press is most suitable for even filigree emblems and for use with precise embossing borders. We offer this 50 t press in two different embossing depths.

Prägepresse für Kfz-Kennzeichen
Embossing presses 80t

Embossing press 80 t

The 80 t embossing press is the classic model of the embossing presses. With an embossing surface of 600 x 300 mm, it offers a little more leeway.